Vein of Venus is a small Dutch atelier and online store where you will find handmade pieces of jewelry, as well as hand picked pieces in smaller quantities. The diversity of options matches the inspiration in the diversity of people, which makes this world very interesting.

Vein of Venus pieces are made by one creator, therefore it is a small-scale production. Experimentation, consciousness, creation and attention to detail flow together in this route.

The gems, pearls and stones used in the handmade pieces are natural. When the pieces are silver 925, gold filled or gold plated they will have it mentioned in the description.

The hand picked pieces are also offered in small quantities, in a very select way. They are also nickel free.

The name: Vein of Venus name came to light inspired by the renaissance painting of Botticeli ‘The birth of Venus’, with the goddess of Love and Beauty standing naked on a scallop shell. The brand brings a new meaning to this goddess, representing all kinds of women, all those who feel like woman, biologically born or in a constructive way.
You are in control of your own life: Connect to yourself.
Making a human connection to this figure, Vein is the figurative organic bond, like a heritage which evolves, connects, but also break the pattern.

Wear your beautiful self.


Please note:
Some pieces are made in a selected and limited quantity and therefore once sold out they won’t come back in stock.


The solo project of handmade jewelry has always been a dream.

The connection to artesanal processes and aesthetics came while still a child, a little girl using diverse materials to make jewelry.

Brazilian, born in São Mateus, lived in Vitória – ES during youth and studies.
During all this time artesanal jewelry was part of life, making, selling, using them during college period. References in fashion, art, nature, music, social movements and aesthetics inspire me to create new pieces. My objective is to bring expressions to the jewelry that reminds you to connect to your essence.

Living for 13 years in the Netherlands, it was time to bring back, in a solo project, artisanal jewelry into life again.


Photos :

Ema Erkens

Christiane Barcellos

Make up artist:

Lia Bittencourt


Idaraya Cornelissen

Manuela Marquez

Elora Erkens

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